Center Cross Metal Works

Gene Osborn

Center Cross Metal Works
853 Hose St.
Fort Worth, TX 76103
Phone Number: (817) 451-8243
At the dawn of this century, Center Cross Metal works began providing "one of a kind" custom hand forged cable damascus blades, blanks, and billets to knife makers around the world. This unique custom service helped launch the careers of many knife makers around the world today. Since that time, Center Cross has joined with top artists and suppliers from across the country to provide the "Ultimate Knife Kit" of today.
To provide custom hand forged knife parts and services, enabling those less equipped to create beautiful "one of a kind", and custom knives with minimal tools and limited space for a shop or heavy equipment.
Product Categories
Custom damascus blades, blanks, and forged fittings, custom machinging, grinding, heat treating, sheaths, knife making classes, video, and more.
Product Description
One of a kind, custom damascus knife parts and kits for completion by the prospective makers for each order placed. From rough forged damascus parts, to polished and fitted kits, ready to assemble with each kit being custom made to order.
Service Description
One of a kind, hand forged damascus knife parts, exotic steels, composite blades forged to shape, custom billets and blades, custom machining, grinding, sheaths, heat treating, and Knife making classes for both straight knives and lockback folders, tools, jigs, videos, or anything else you might need to complete your next custom knife order. Contact Gene Osborn for special order needs.