Chuck Burrows

Chuck Burrows has been working and studying leather craft and knife making for over forty years. His study of these two crafts includes the methods and materials stretching from ancient times to now. He has studied with many old time makers and made just about everything out of leather possible from watch bands to saddles.

Overall though his first love has always been knives, hawks, swords, and their sheaths. He has made sheaths for all kinds and makes of knives, including originals and some of the best of the modern makers. His has been making knives and sheaths for the custom market since 1973. His presentation knives, hawks, and sheaths are based on the styles of the American frontier incorporating carving, beadwork, rawhide, braintan, and other period correct materials. Other period knives such as Scottish Dirks and medieval daggers are also part of his repertoire. His life long love and study of the American Frontier era and the history of leather work continues to this day.

Chuck and his wife Linda, who does much of the beadwork on their frontier sheaths, currently reside in SW Colorado. You can reach them via their website Wild Rose Trading Company at