Dwayne Dushane

At 40 years old, Dwayne Dushane has been happily married for 22 yrs to his high school sweetheart with whom he has three daughters.  The older two have moved out on their own, and the younger one is in high school.  In addition to making knives, he is a 911 Dispatcher at Andrews County Sheriff's office.  He tries to spend as much time in the shop building knives as he does at the sheriff\'s office.  He loves to create things with his hands and feels that The Good Lord has blessed him with the ability to do so.

Growing up around guns and knives, Dwayne made his first knife in the 8th grade metal shop in Andrews, Texas in 1977. Years later he learned more about the art of knifemaking from gentlemen such as Johnny Stout and Weldon Whitley.  He started building knives in December 1995 on a regular basis.  

Dwayne uses the stock removal method and does all phases of the knives himself except making his own Damascus, which he is currently learning.  He uses materials of the highest quality that he possibly can. All woods and other handle materials are stabilized as much as possible. He uses ATS-34, 440C, D-2, Damasteel and Damascus from top notch makers.  He feels that a knife should be able to stand on its own without any embellishments, and then when you add them, it just adds to the beauty that is already there.