Making a D-Guard Bowie with Harvey Dean, ABS Mastersmith 2 Disc Set [Item # 1005]

Harvey Dean

3 hours 13 minutes
Advanced Level

The D-Guard Bowie is a legendary battle weapon, part sword - part knife. The powerfully balanced design makes it a favorite tool for many tasks, but was kept ready for battle at all times. Harvey Dean has revealed his secrets and improvements for making a more secure and artful D-Guard Bowie in this 2 disc video, including an interview with the Mastersmith himself.

Harvey Dean, an ABS Mastersmith since 1992, is an award winning knifemaker who teaches all over the country and specializes in Civil War era knife designs including his famous D-Guards. See why Harvey is one of the most sought after teachers in this craft and discover how watching his easy to follow methods will improve your knifemaking skills the more you watch this video. You will conclude that Harvey enjoys his craft as much as he enjoys teaching about it. This video is a must-have for knifemakers, collectors, or enthusiasts in edged art and history.

Note:  This video does NOT cover blade grinding, add Harvey's "Flat Grinding" video if you need the blade grinding section.