Basic Bladesmithing with Ed Caffrey, A.B.S Mastersmith [Item # 1010]

Ed Caffrey

1 hours 15 minutes
Entry Level

Join ABS Mastersmith Ed Caffrey at the forge as he walks you through Basic Bladesmithing. If you are a beginner, this video will help you develop the foundation necessary for forging your own blades. If you are already familiar with the forge, Ed's methods will help you enhance the quality of your work.

Each packed with valuable information, this video is the first in a series of Bladesmithing videos with Ed Caffrey. When you have mastered the techniques in this video, you will be ready to move on to the Damascus series (coming soon). But first learn the basics from an American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith.

Note: This video shows methods using a forge, a hydraulic press, and a power hammer.