Ed Caffrey

Ed Caffrey began making knives in 1982, shortly after joining the Air Force.  He earned his ABS Journeyman Smith rating in 1994, and his ABS Mastersmith rating in 2000. In December 2003, after 22 years of service, he retired from the Air Force to pursue Bladesmithing on a full time basis.  He has served as a judge at the Journeyman Smith level for the American Bladesmith Society and his work has appeared in Blade Magazine, Fighting Knives Magazine, Knives Illustrated Magazine, the Knives Annual, and The Wall Street Journal. 

Ed's current passion is producing Mosaic Damascus blades and barstock, and he enjoys creating collector grade folders.  Ed runs a forum on the Knife Network which you can visit by clicking here.  He also offers one-on-one classes that correspond with each of his videos, Basic Bladesmithing,Basic Damascus and Mosaic Damascus (coming soon).  For details and fees, please see his website at WWW.CAFFREYKNIVES.NET.