Where knives are as different as the people who use them!
"I carry my crosses for Christ, to give any glory to God!"

Center Cross may have started as one man's dream but today has numerous artists from around the world, working together to promote man's oldest tool and the many arts incorporated into this craft of custom knifemaking.

Gene has united top artists, knife makers, and suppliers from far and wide to provide you some of the most unique opportunities in the world of custom knife making today, while helping people like YOU fulfill the American dream.

Enjoy our tutorials, education page, knife maker's forums, classifieds, and the most unique custom products and services anywhere.

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June 13, 2013 09:41:14 am
Center Cross Keychains

Check out the new Center Cross keychains available on the Ultimate Knife Kit Products page.  Great for a stocking stuffer idea!  Order yours today for only $7.95 plus shipping!